Friday, February 1, 2013

oDesk Social Media Marketing Test Answers 2012

Question:1  What methods of social network marketing should a company always use?

Ans: Depends on the company, their product, their audience

Question:2 What is “guerilla marketing”?

Ans: Marketing which relies on time and energy rather than a large dollar budget.

Question:3  What is meant by Brand Management?

Ans: The company executive management team.

Question:4 Which of the following is an important aspect of creating blogs and posting content?

Ans: Posting at least once a month to the blog.

Question:5  What is a “call to action”

Ans: Giving an advertisement’s receiver a specific direction such as “visit the site”.

Question:6  What is a “vlog”?

Ans: New technology to aid in blogging

Question:7 What can a company do on Facebook apart from their page to create a following?

Ans: Use Groups, both company originated and posting to other group.

Question:8  In a company who should own the social marketing plan?

Ans: Head of Marketing.

Question:9 What is meant by “micro-blogging”?

Ans: Blogs with limited individual posts, limited by character count typically.

Question:10  What is meant by A/B testing in marketing?

Ans: Testing 2 versions of an advertisement to see which elicits the best response.

Question:11 What Place does Pricing have in marketing?

Ans: Different Pricing levels can be the pricing level relative to competition is important

Question:12 What would the marketing budget section of a marketing plan detail?

Ans: The expected costs for each ad campaign based on the delivery method

Question:13  How can a company use the same material for both traditional and social network marketing?

Ans: Utilizing a television ad campaign online as well on their site and sites such as YouTube.

Question:14 How often should a marketing plan be revisited?

Ans: As often as needed in order to revisit the plan of action and revise any new actions

Question:15 Which of the following would be leveraging both social network and traditional marketing?

Ans: A print advertisement in a magazine which drives people to a website where there is a free trail offer.

Question:16 How does creating a social network marketing plan differ from a traditional marketing plan?

Ans: There is no need for a social marketing plan, but social marketing plan is required for traditional marketing.

Question:17 What should be the length of an blog post?

Ans: A few sentence mixed with several links to other sites and references.

Question:18 Why is there no specific definition of what is social media marketing?

Ans: The concept is relatively new compared to traditional marketing and is still being defined.

Question:19 What is meant by the “blogosphere”?

Ans: The interconnected community of blogs via linking to each other

Question: 20 How do ebooks represent a from marketing?

Ans: They are often free, include useful information, and direct the reader onto the company which created the ebook for.


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